The Bunz Model

In September of 2015, I started a Master of Education at Brock University. It was through this research that I completed a Major Research Paper (MRP) on how the functionality of digital tools and the qualities of integration effect the potential positive impact of educational technology on student achievement and engagement. However, my research was based upon the gap between educational research and practice. I did not feel as though this research paper would be enough to really help bridge theory and practice.

It was this feeling that pushed me to create The Bunz Model of Technology Integration and Evaluation. Using my Master of Education research, experiences, and the expertise of those around me, I create a model that would help teachers effectively evaluate and integrate educational technology into 21st century classrooms. I describe and outline this model in my book How to Integrate and Evaluate Educational Technology which is available on Amazon as an e-book and as a paperback. I also created a video presentation to summarize my research.

See below for links to all of the above materials. Please feel free to contact me through this blog or my twitter if you have any questions.

MRP: Evaluating and Integrating Educational Technology in the Elementary Mathematics Classroom

Video Version of my MRP:

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