• Conferences,  NYSCATE 2016

    Minecraft in the Classroom

    I had heard a lot about using Minecraft in the classroom; it was intriguing but I had not really looked much into it. So, this year at NYSCATE I attended a session on using Minecraft in the classroom that was very transformative. The possibilities of this tool really are endless. Not only does it teach students collaboration and respect while they work together to accomplish a common goal, it can also be used in so many different ways to develop students understanding through the exploration of concepts and content creation. It is priced at $5/user/year but allows for the safety of only working and communicating with other students in the…

  • BIT 2016,  Conferences

    BIT 16

    Thank you so much to all those who came out to my presentation at Bring it Together in Niagara Falls, Canada. My presentation slides are available here. Check out The Bunz Model for more information on my book and Master of Education Research!

  • Current Research

    Progress Update!

    I am now entering the editing and publishing stage of my Masters Research! I am so excited to share my work with all of you! I am also in the editing stage of the handbook for educators I developed based on my research! I have also been accepted to present at several conferences this academic year. So stay tuned for information on how you can get a copy of my Major Research Paper and the handbook for educators as well as the dates and conferences I will be presenting at.

  • Current Research

    Writing, Writing, Writing…

    I have been deep in the research process of my Major Research Paper (MRP) on integrating educational technology and evaluating educational technology. I have completed the literature review, the meta analysis, and analyzed the findings. Now I am onto writing the discussion and recommendations section. I hope to use this research in connection with other research to write a handbook for educators on how best to evaluate and integrate educational technology into the classroom. I am excited to announce that I have also been accepted to give a workshop at BIT 2016 in November. In this session we will use my research to connect educational theories and current teaching practices…