Conferences,  FETC 2017

FETC – My Focus and Predictions

This year I have the privilege of not only attending the FETC 2017 Conference in Orlando, Florida but I will be hosting a workshop on integrating game-based learning and gamification tools into the classroom. I am so excited to share the information I have learned through my Master of Education with other educators interested in gamifying their classrooms. Last year, I was advised to choose a few things to focus on to make it easier to consolidate. I have decided to do that again, so this year I will be focusing on the following:

Coding in Education: I find that a lot of educators are not evaluating coding tools effectively. Yes, students can get engaged into coding games and activities. However, are those coding tools teaching your students to code or are they learning how to play a game or use a program? I want to find some coding tools that effectively teach students how to code!

Digital Tools for the Math Classroom: Math has always been my focus, so it would not make sense for me to exclude it as a focus. I will be looking for tools, strategies, and integration techniques for implementing digital tools into the math classroom.

I also like to give a prediction as to which topics will be popular for FETC 2017. For this year, I feel like the most popular topics will be the following:

Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality in the Classroom
Coding in the Classroom

Check back through this week for updates and reflections on what I have learned at FETC as well as links to my workshop materials.